Mini Golf Scorecard Mobile Application

Why is the MyMiniGolfScorecard PRO better than paper mini-golf scorecards?

  • One-handed scoring is easier for guests
  • Automatically tallies the scores for the guest
  • Environmentally green – No paper and pencil waste
  • No staff/guest touchpoints to keep staff and guests safe
  • No limit to the number of concurrent users of the app
  • Limit the number of players to the number of paid guests
  • Guests can share their winning score on Facebook with a graphic that includes your logo and a link to your website
  • LEADERBOARD add on option!

Never buy paper scorecards or pencils again!

What happened to the Free version of MyMiniGolfScorecard?

Simple Setup and Monthly Payment

  • $695.00 Setup
  • $59.95/month*

Includes both Apple and Google Play

*Includes all app updates to be sure your scorecard works with the latest phones and operating systems.


The Leaderboard is a custom HTML page that you can display on a monitor at your location.  It shows who got a hole-in-one and on what hole, and it lists the winners of each game.

  • Leaderboard Setup and First Year:  $595.00
  • Annual Renewal:  $120.00

Download the App Now

Download this My Mini Golf Scorecard Pro Test Barcodes to test the app and see how it changes from location to location.

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