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The Medina County Convention & Visitors Bureau is a place where both visitors and county residents can go to find out what’s going on in Medina County.

The Medina County Convention & Visitors Bureau wanted their new website to be a valuable resource for the local community, as well as an invitation for potential visitors to sample the county’s local charm. They wanted their online presence to reflect the rich history of the area while still showing that Medina County, Ohio is an area on the move.

Identifying a Goal

Our challenge was to create a very large website packed with information ranging from the Story Hour schedule at the local library to highlighting large regional events that draw crowds from great distances. By using a dynamic information filtering system, visitors to the website could easily identify and find the information that is most important to them. Whether planning a weekend visit to the local wineries and golf courses, or just looking for a new place to try for dinner, local residents and visitors alike experienced an interaction that was tailored to their needs.

WDD - Idea Driven Marketing - Visit Medina County

Clean, Engaging Design

One of the Medina County Convention & Visitors Bureau’s goals for their website was to make the attractions, landscapes, and images of the county the star of the show. To allow the stories of Medina County to take center stage, we crafted a clean and minimalist design that lets the local flavor jump off the screen.

WDD - Idea Driven Marketing - Visit Medina County

Encourage Exploration

The website is designed to entice users to continually dig deeper to find something new. It also encourages repeat visits with a cycle of ever-changing events and specials posted on the home page. Visitors can easily share items that interest them on social media, further expanding the reach of the website.

WDD - Idea Driven Marketing - Visit Medina County
Dan Hostetler
“Medina County has a lot to offer and explore. Thanks to WDD, we are able to empower our members to share everything great about our area!”

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