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High Quality Machine Knives

Great Lakes Industrial Knife has been serving industries around the world since 1981.

As Great Lakes Industrial Knife Co. grew, their website, like many industrial websites, quickly appeared outdated. An obsolete online presence is unprofessional, and was counter-productive in terms of serving both their existing and potential clients. Great Lakes wanted their online presence to showcase that they were a world-leader in their field.

A knife company on the cutting edge.

We Know What We’re Doing

Some industrial knife sharpening services are offered by companies with less-than-stellar reputations and fly-by-night operations. Great Lakes wanted to illustrate their commitment to the industry, the quality of their facilities, and their complete service offerings.

WDD - Idea Driven Marketing - Great Lakes Industrial Knife

Easy To Find What You Need

Based on Great Lakes’ target audience, they wanted the website to have a very simple navigation to enable clients to easily sort through services, understand their process, or to simply send an email. The website was created to feel unintimidating to the average user without sacrificing any “full-service” capabilities.

WDD - Idea Driven Marketing - Great Lakes Industrial Knife

We Speak Your Language

Great Lakes operates in the global market, so we designed their website with the ability to easily, quickly, and completely translate into the native languages of their clients. With a quick click of the Translate button, a user can instantly see the entire site (from product listings to navigation items and more) in their native language, turning the website into their own personal translator.

WDD - Idea Driven Marketing - Great Lakes Industrial Knife
Ron Kara
“WDD took the time to understand my industry and my clients. They helped me create a website that not only looks great – but has shown great results for my business!”

You be the judge.

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