WDD - Idea Driven Marketing - CTS Financial Group

Facing the Challenge

CTS Financial Group (CTS) is a financial advisory and planning boutique located on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, Illinois.

A family-run business, CTS Financial Group was looking to connect with potential clients on a face-to-face basis for personal financial planning, retirement planning, investment planning, insurance planning, and asset management.

Starting the Conversation

To ensure the personal trust with handling customer investments critical to their business model, CTS’s campaign needed to emphasize the important cornerstones of teamwork, communication, and integrity. Working with them to bring focus to the CTS team members and sharing their ideas on a blog, we helped put a personal face to their esteemed name. This proved to be a major asset in an industry where seeking a personal human interaction can be a real bear, so CTS needed a website that saved its visitors from all the bull.

WDD - Idea Driven Marketing - CTS Financial Group

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

With such a strong emphasis on making a connection, we used branded layers to each page’s header image. As the faces close in on each specialized solution, we made certain to showcase that there are years of experience supporting each investment advisement. With ever-present calls to action throughout, you’re never far from a friendly voice on the other end of the line.

WDD - Idea Driven Marketing - CTS Financial Group

Being a Part of the Solution

Staying true to the brand, CTS’s website content evokes a personal touch. This communicates the idea that proper planning is for anyone looking to secure their financial future. Shades of greens and browns connote the nurturing and growth of your savings through sound advice, careful strategy, and thorough planning.

WDD - Idea Driven Marketing - CTS Financial Group
WDD - Idea Driven Marketing - CTS Financial Group Jonathan Much
“I would like to thank everyone for all of your hard work on our new website – we are extremely excited, and look forward to continue working with you guys in the future.”
Jonathon Much, CTS Financial Group

Have a Sit-Down

Visit their site to complete an Investor Profile Analysis and schedule your free 1-hour consultation with an investment professional. Just make sure to check out the surroundings while you’re there.

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