WDD - Idea Driven Marketing - Cowabunga Bay

Fun in the sun

Cowabunga Bay is a family-friendly water park oasis in the Las Vegas desert!

Like an oasis in the desert, Cowabunga Bay Water Park wanted to stand out and be noticed. With bright, bold colors and eye-popping graphics, their new website sought to accomplish that goal. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Cowabunga Bay wanted to offer their customers the appeal of an escape from the searing heat of the desert to enjoy the surf and fun of the park.

Making A Splash With Marketing

Special offers, daily deals, and promotions keep revenue rolling in. The website was designed with this in mind, allowing Cowabunga’s marketing team to easily update images, graphics, and messaging to reward guests that visit the site with the best new specials.

WDD - Idea Driven Marketing - Cowabunga Bay

Tell A Story With Color

Even if the Cowabunga Bay website contained no written words, the language of colors, textures, and images would tell an exciting story of refreshing fun. This is the power of strong and studied messaging, which makes it easy to close the deal on users’ first-time and repeat visits.

WDD - Idea Driven Marketing - Cowabunga Bay

Cowabunga, Dude!

Like the rallying cry for surfers from the 60’s, the branding on this website hearkens back to the classic California surf scene motif. Combining a retro feel with a very modern, contemporary experience creates an inviting interaction for young and old alike.

WDD - Idea Driven Marketing - Cowabunga Bay
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