Instagram, one of the many mobile apps that have gained mass popularity around the world, wants you to use it as an everyday advertising tool. In its previous update, Instagram allowed for users to be able to toggle between profiles – something every marketer needed desperately. In its newly-published update, marketers and business owners alike have been shrieking with joy. The Facebook-owned company grows daily beyond its over 300 Million active users, and they want your business to cash in on that growth, as well.

Business Categories – Let them know who you are! Are you an Amusement Park, Law Office or a Software company? Now with new business categories, there’s no reason for people to wonder what services you offer. Proper categorization allows for visibility when users are looking for someone who does what you so-expertly do.

Contact Button – Previously, it was impossible for users to contact a business through the photo sharing app.  Now, the lines of communication have been opened, finally. With the addition of the new contact button, users can now choose to email you, call you, or get your location. With social sites like Twitter and Facebook who make it easy for customers to learn more, it’s great that Instagram has hopped on the train.

Location Sharing – Users can actually find you, without doing all the extra work now. By adding your physical location to your profile, users will be redirected to Google Maps in an effort to drive more foot traffic to your store – by a simple click of a button.

Analytics – If you know WDD, then you know we love data! Data makes us smarter and leads to better decision-making. It looks like Instagram agrees with us here, now introducing analytics for your IG page. This new feature is set to really help you understand the volume and reach of your presence. With an analytics panel similar to Facebook, you’re now able to view your top performing posts, and insights on specific posts and engagement.

Instagram Sponsored Ads – It’s now easier than ever to advertise on Instagram. With the newly-promoted ad tool, you can promote paid posts just like on Facebook! In an effort to reach new users, this tool provides the perfect way to reach out to specific users that may not have seen your posts otherwise.  Using targeted criteria, you can ensure your sponsored posts reach that key demographic that you’re looking to capture.

There is one kicker to this all however: you need to have your own Facebook business page set up before you can enjoy these lovely new features for businesses on Instagram. If you’re already on Facebook, get to updating! If not, it’s time you get on Facebook and expand your reach.

Now, we know as a business owner it’s daunting to keep up with the latest and greatest in the world of social media.  We’re always ready to spark up the conversation and help you explore channels to reach your customers! Feel free to give us a call or shoot over an email. Also take a second to follow us on our newly re-launched Instagram page!

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