What is a website? Weird question coming from a company that specializes in website development, I know…but think about it. What do you define a website to be? According to dictionary.com, a website is defined as a connected group of pages on the World Wide Web. That’s a pretty basic definition but it works.

Normally, when clients are searching for a web development company, they are looking for the best value and (most of the time) trying to compare apples-to-apples. For most, the “apples” they are comparing aren’t really what a true website should consist of. To many, a website is just what you see when you look at it on your computer screen – the colors, pictures, and words. However, what makes a website great for us at WDD means so much more. There’s a lot to consider when hiring a company to design your site:

  • You will work closely with our digital marketing agency to outline marketing goals for your website and digital marketing strategies.
    • Contrary to belief, a great looking website that was created with no specific purpose other than to look good is not necessarily a great website.
  • It will be designed to work well across many devices
  • It will be created by professional, experienced, talented artists that take the time to understand your market
  • It will be created with the goal of optimizing your ability to be found in search results. That includes using proper page titles, headers, image tags and page content. (For the average client, if these things aren’t done well – or done at all – you will never know.)
  • You will be trained on how to update, edit and maintain your site even if you don’t know anything about website design.
  • You will be provided on-going support to make sure your website continues to be secure, function well and look great.

Don’t just compare apples-to-apples! Understand how a digital marketing partner can provide you with the level of expertise, service, and abilities that meet with your professional expectations and business goals.

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