In our last blog we talked about reading data and how to interpret it for our marketing efforts. Using our partner “Swings-N-Things” as an example, we used data to set up our advertising efforts. We went over how to read and analyze the different data sets, organized information to create a better look at how we should go about strategy, and made practical sense of obscure numbers to lead us to a plan of action. It gave us a healthy start, but now it’s time for the right side of the marketing brain to be the clean-up hitter. We’ve got everything set, bases loaded; now it’s time to hit that homerun! With the right balance of creative know-how, you can’t miss.

Okay, before we get ahead of ourselves let’s talk about the ways that you can use creative power so that you don’t end up striking out.

Storytelling – Chances are, if you’re doing it correctly, that your targeted users are going to see your ad more than just once. Most of the time when you see ads online you see the same redundant ads, don’t be like those people. Your marketing mix should complement itself rather than perpetuate itself.  Your different channels should use an array of messaging while adhering to the same theme This helps your ads tell a cohesive story with your business as the star. Now, it doesn’t have to be Goldie Locks and Three Bears but it does need to be something the users can digest. Maybe that’s explaining the benefits of your company through different ads or promotions, or maybe that means enforcing yourself as an industry leader by recapping your businesses’ long running history of success. Using the same ad over and over again lulls your audience to sleep and definitely doesn’t set you up for that home run you’re looking for.

Graphics– Visual representation is huge! That’s what draws users’ eyes in and pulls them into your message. So how do your graphics look in your ad? Are they grainy pictures that were shot on your flip phone from 2009? You should be using up-to-date images that are correctly scaled and sized to fit perfectly on that mobile screen it’ll be displayed on. Social media can be quite tricky these days with various dimensions needed for different platforms, but luckily we have the internet. You also want to make sure that your graphics are in-line with your brand image. Using your branded colors and images/logos give it that extra push to reinforce who you are and why they should do business with you specifically. It shouldn’t be a guessing game.

Emotion –The strongest creative ads connect with its target on an emotional level.  When we can visualize ourselves in a situation, it helps to create a perceived benefit. When we look at Swings-N-Things, getting the most elicit response out of parents and driving action takes specific fic things that they can connect with. So instead of having something that reads: “Come into Swings-N-Things this weekend, we’re open.” It’s best to capture the attention by truly connecting with the users.  For ads targeted to mothers you can say something that connects a mother, her child and family. “Bring the kids into Swings-N-Things this weekend, fun for the whole family.”  Or for ads targeted to father you could say: “It’s time for batting practice! Bring the kids into our batting cages at Swings N Things. Open from 10 am to 8 pm this summer.” Can you tell the difference? The latter copy striker that connection that we’re looking for.

Using data gets the bases loaded but creative allows you to hit a grand slam. At WDD we use both analytical part of our brain and the creative to deliver the best results for our clients.  Visit us at to meet our starting lineup.